Stopping shopping

Day 1: Keep or Kill?

I will never be a minimalist.

I love colour too much to get away with only 2 pairs of trousers for a start! When packing to go away for a weekend recently I cut down my choices to this…

Yes there are 3 coats there…

While rooting through my wardrobe I also realised that I had so many things I haven’t SEEN in over a year, let alone worn!  So to help me on my way to a shopping free life I decided to start by playing a game called keep or kill (sounds fun I know!).

This game has a few steps..

Step 1 : Get a mobile hanging rail.  Go through all clothes hung up in wardrobe and pull out all things which you love! Hang on rail.

Step 2: Go through and pull out all things which you hate/ feel blah about. Fold up and shove in suitcase.

Step 3: Go through piles of clothes you have had to shove on shelves, in drawers, under bed etc etc because there was no room in your wardrobe.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 with these.

Step 4: Shove suitcases of clothes away for a few weeks.  See how you cope with the new wardrobe!

Step 5 (my favourite step!): Have best friend come around.  Drink Christmas present bottle of champagne while eating pizza. Have her help you bin all things you have not missed over the last few weeks (if she should steal anything she wants from bin pile all the better!)

Step 6: Anything not disgusting can go to charity shops. Everything else is off to the bins.

Step 7: Polish halo and feel very smug until you realise that you still have to do this with shoes (NOOOOOO!), underwear and makeup. Then cry.


I’ll let you know how it goes!


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