What to do when you have more shoes than days in the year…

It all came to a head about 2 weeks ago.  After Christmas and all its indulgence was the January sales… I proceeded to buy 16 dresses in about 2 hours.  Even I know that is bad.  Especially when I have a quadruple wardrobe heaving with clothes, several hundred pairs of shoes and enough underwear to last me a year without washing.

So after one last hurrah in London this weekend (damage = £750) where I proceeded to purchase 4 new pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, my own weight in chocolate and a spa day with 2 of my closest friends; I am now on a self imposed shopping ban.

I know myself very well, I have no self restraint! So to ensure that I am actually unable to spend I have given my mother my bank card to hide (which she did with more relish than I think should be considered acceptable) and will be allowing myself £70 each week in cash to spend on food, dance classes, dry cleaning etc.

I am hoping that this will act as my own little form of therapy.  If I want to buy something I will post it on here and that will hopefully scratch the itch. If not, o well no bank cards means I can’t buy even if I wanted to!

Wish me luck…..


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