Stopping shopping

Day 2: The aftermath…

Well I knew that I had a lot of stuff, just not quite how much!

The hanging rail had to be expanded to include my bed.  This is because I overloaded the hanging rail and it all fell over! (curses!)

So I now have 2 large suitcases full of clothes (since when did I own so many neon items?) and a clearer wardrobe space!

I always read posts of people who have beautifully organised spaces and sort everything by category.  I do this once every few years and then in a week or so it’s all a mess.  So this time I’m attempting to group things together by colour. I’m hoping this means that things I wear together are more likely to be near each other!

I also used this as an opportunity to actually sort out how the things were hanging.  I have been known to keep 6 dresses on one hanger before now, and the number of things half done up, inside out etc was ridiculous!

I have to say taking photos of this has been enlightening! And it has made it a slightly less painful experience.  I mean, who really needs 5 hoodies? Especially when I never wear them!

Now most posts I read about what to do once you’ve sorted your wardrobe advise you to go through once you’ve finished and write a list of things you need to fill any gaps.  I DEFINITELY do not need to do this!



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