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Day 3: Tango in teal!

I don’t understand people who love to go the gym/run/generally try to keep fit. I try to exercise to feel better in myself (and eat my own weight in chocolate!) but I will never be someone who can’t wait to go!

One of the ways I try to stay fit is to ballroom dance.  I first got into it when I was about 15 when my parents started going together and I quickly realised that this was a whole new shoe shopping opportunity for me!!



This dress is from Lady V. I got it in the boxing day sale, an absolute bargain at £22.50! Its a fabric which is lovely to dance in – firm but not too heavy so you don’t sweat! It comes with a pin on bow in black but i personally prefer it without (my chest does not need any further emphasis!) And they have since reduced it further to £19!

As it is winter (ie freezing cold!), tights were a necessity! Thankfully the butterflies on the dress have black in them and the trim at the top is black so Primark’s trusty super cosy tights to the rescue!


The shoes are Manolo Blahnik and look like they have been made for this outfit! I may have let out a squeal of delight when I realised this!


The jacket is a very old Hobb’s one which I rediscovered when sorting through all my jackets during keep or kill! So there are already some positives to this new plan of mine!

Taking these photos made me realise what a terrible photographer I am! Must try harder next time!



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