What would Dita do?

What would Dita do?

When doing Christmas shopping, to make things more fun I always buy myself a present for every present I buy everyone else! One of my favourite presents to myself was Dita Von Teese’s book “Your Beauty Mark”.  In it she covers absolutely every aspect of her beauty regime, from makeup to exercise to diet to surgery.

As I would like to get a bit fitter (and distract myself from all the pretty things in shops), I have been incorporating Dita’s advice into my day to day life.  After all, who has a better body to aspire to than a woman paid a large amount of money to dance around seductively taking off her clothes?

My plan is to do the following –

  1. Drink more water – Dita swears by drinking water with lemon in so I will be trying this to up my hydration!
  2. Exercise – Dance classes twice a week and follow the exercises listed in her book!
  3. Loungewear – No more scruffy messy pyjamas!
  4. Bathtime – Candles while bathing (more flattering that regular lights!)
  5. Makeup – Never leave the house without! To be fair this one won’t be hard as I already do it!

I’ll be checking back in over the coming weeks and months to see how this goes!  In the meantime – who are your beauty icons?!



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