Stopping shopping

Day 4: Most marvellous days out…

Life was so much easier as a child. No bills, food available when you wanted, playtime…

The thing I miss the most though is the ability to make friends! All you had to do was go up to someone on the playground and ask them to be your friend and that was it! Try doing that when walking down the street – people just think you’re crazy (and not the fun and quirky kind of crazy!)

In recent years I moved back to my hometown from London. While this has meant many great things (cash not all going on rent, working to live not living to work, pretty views, shopping opportunities), it has lead to an unexpected problem. Most of the people I knew when I last lived here no longer do.

I noticed that I had started to spend more and more time on shopping websites as, sad as it sounds, I had nothing better to do! I relished going to get my nails done as it meant I had a reason to get out of the house and talk to someone! Something needed to be done….

Lovely nails….shame they didn’t get to go out anywhere!

I read about a group on Facebook called the 1940s/1950s most marvellous meet ups. This seemed right up my street – finally a playground with fellow fashion loving 5 year olds!  It took a few months but I finally built up the courage to go to a meet up near me.

Port Sunlight is a lovely little town set up way back when to house the workers at the local Lever Brothers soap factory. It also has on at the moment an excellent exhibition of 1930s evening wear in the Lady Lever art gallery. And so off I trotted one bright and cold Sunday morning in my best attempt at 1930s wear to meet fellow fashion lovers…

Wearing my collectif coat (currently in their online sale), very old hat from River Island and with one of my new fri

It was a wonderful day and I met a lot of fabulous people. I am now planning on going to some more of these meet ups and hopefully getting out of my hermit ways will reduce the chances of falling into a cycle of online shopping…

A new aim in life – to be described in my obituary as a “renowned shopper” !!
A very attractive bunch!

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