Stopping shopping

O my god I have NOTHING to wear!!

I mean I obviously have things to wear. But not the perfect thing. That outfit which will beat all outfits, cause women to cry with jealousy and everyone to look on in awe….

Which is always the aim of course. Especially when going to a night where there will be the insanely toned bodies of a professional ballroom dance couple. Which you will then be photographed next to…. so there will be a record of you looking like this FOREVER.

My usual response to this would be BUY BUY BUY!! But as I have no access to my bank card (you guessed it – mother is refusing to release it after my foolish instructions to her to hide it earlier this week) I cannot shop.

So for the first time in what feels like forever I’m actually rewearing a party outfit. Which has lead to at least 2 hours of me staring in despair at my wardrobe praying that something will magically appear. Something, for example like these dresses from asos…


This is a lashes of london dress which is in the sale. It is so so sparky! The Bardot neckline is lovely on this. A problem I find with a straight across Bardot is that it makes me look incredibly broad. Like I am wearing an American football uniform. The diagonal cut I go find is so much more flattering on a slightly bigger bust. Also us ballroom girls do love us some glitter!

However, I do at times lobve the idea of turning up in a sleek and simple look. Clean with the focus on a LOUD pair of heels. For that I would instead go for the following…

image1xxl (1)

I accepted a long time ago that I will never be able to get away with a deep plunge neckline without looking like I am applying for a job at page 3. This however could work! Its not too wide and out there and the high neck halter makes it a bit more classy too.

I do like a twirly skirt when dancing as it means that I can move easily as you need to stretch those legs when waltzing! So why go for just a full skirt when you can have a super full skirt?!!


Can we just take a minute to just drool?!

The bright flowers, the satin fabric, that skirt!!! I could cry right now! This has been on my wishlist for months but I couldn’t justify it at full price. It is in the sale now in limited sizes but is an absolute steal. Anyone want to send me it in a size 10? Anyone at all?!! Drat!

Last but not least is a chi chi London dress. I always love how these look but I hate the stupid foam padding they put in their tops!I have a bra, I don’t need your support as well thanks! I could be coerced to try them again though for this –

image1xxl (2)

I just think that the embroidery on this is lovely. And that the positioning of it would make anyone’s waist look teeny tiny (a must when stood next to ridiculously toned dancers!) while the neckline is quite slimming too, elongating the body.

Alas though I can’t shop and these aren’t in my wardrobe so suggestions anyone? What does a shopaholic do when they can’t shop?!! I have to say I am really not appreciating this whole shop your closet thing, I’m just going to have to win the Euro millions instead…


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