OOTD · Shop your closet

Day 5: “Shop your wardrobe”

Now that my wardrobe is looking all pretty and tidy, I’m hoping that it will inspire me to wear a wider selection of my clothes. As part of this I have been looking up how to shop your wardrobe.  I hate the phrase but the gist of it is – don’t shop (booooo), mix up stuff in the wardrobe! To get me used to this I’m going to try and use some of the suggestions made by Jill Chivers of my year without clothes shopping. There is a free pdf on her website with 30 days of suggestions to follow.

To ease myself in I am focusing on one of the suggestions that appeals to my shoe obsession!

“Wear a pair of shoes that you haven’t with an outfit before…”

When I first tried to sort my wardrobe and shoe collection last year I laid out all my Manolo Blahniks on my living room floor.


Most people when they see this go “god that’s a lot of shoes!” My response was “o my god I don’t have any orange ones!” This was quickly rectified in December!

As a certain SATC character said “hello lover!”

I have worn these a few times since (I mean just look at that heel! That is a thing of beauty!) but thought it would be fun to do a bit of an autumnal look for a night out for dinner…


This is Ophelia. She is one of 3 different colourways I have of this dress and cost me a ridiculous £9.99 in the Lindybop sale (this is why I end up broke – buying too many bargains!). Lindybop are infamous for their inconsistent sizing so I will say that the size guide for the Ophelia is accurate in the waist but the bust is bigger than they claim. As someone who has a waist that according to their guide is a 10/12 but a 16/18 bust, this is no bad thing! This skirt is full but not a whole circle. It is great for hiding the food baby after eating your own weight in poppadoms and curry though (just gfuessing …cough cough…)

As I am a northerner (and therefore do not feel the cold!) I did go out without tights as it would have ruined the look. I did compromise by wearing a coat which makes me feel like I am Lana Turner smouldering in an old black and white movie (as opposed to a female Laurel or Hardy!)

I’m ready for my closeup , Mr. DeMille

This is Collectif’s Pearl coat. Collectif do lovely clothes but their coats are particularly strong. I swear I could wear this in Antarctica and I would be toasty! The faux fur trim is so decadent, and the collar can be open or closed up around your neck. Whenever I wear this I feel the need to twirl. And can guarantee I will get at least one compliment every hour! They do it in other colours as well but I thought the camel is such a classic look. Collectif do have a sale on at the moment so it is always worth a look! There are other nice coats on their for silly money as well, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I have to say I did enjoy wearing these things together. I normally am a bit boring and go with green or purple with this dress so orange did brighten things up! It has definitely encouraged me to try and mix my stuff up a bit more – even more important now I can’t buy any more new things (sob sob!)


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