OOTD · Stopping shopping · What would Dita do?

Day 6: Think Pink!

One of Dita’s very sensible suggestions in her book is about dressing for exercise. Its something I have always said to my friends who are not quite as fashion obsessed as I am – if you dress well you feel happier! With this in mind I also streamlined my fitness wardrobe during the great purge earlier in the week. My thinking being that if I felt good in my gear (as opposed to “o well who cares what I wear to the gym?!”) then I might enjoy the torture slightly more and therefore be more inclined to do it!

This meant also that I needed colour! I feel drab and drained if I’m all in black or grey so I decided to embrace that wonderful song from Funny Face and “Think Pink!” That and my trainers are a slightly loud shade of the colour!

Why choose pink when you can choose “diva pink”!

These leggings are so comfy! The material is nice and thick so you don’t have to worry about flashing your pants at everyone in the gym (NEVER a good look..) and they help pull everything I’m trying to work off in! Yay! They are made by USA pro and cost me the ridiculous price of £7.00 off sports direct. I know, I spent too much didn’t I?! I ummed and aaahed over the different colours and finally settled on Diva Pink, because if there’s a time you want to feel like a diva it is when you have turned puce with exertion!

The trainers are by Nike, also on sports direct for £33.00. They do a reversed colourway of mainly black with a pink whoosh which are cheaper (£24.00) but the pink ones kept calling to me begging me to have them! It would have been cruel to upset them wouldn’t it?! If you do get them be warned that the sizing is a little off. I normally take a 7 (European 40) but noticed that the European size and the UK size didn’t match up. I decided to chance going with the European size and I’m glad that I did as the 6.5 are a perfect fit. AND they actually made my feet look small! Take that black is slimming!


As this was a lot of pink I went with this simple black T-shirt with criss cross shoulders. A Primark buy for £8.00. I have to say I did feel very good doing my jog\walk in it and wouldn’t have been embarrassed to run into Mr. Right during my workout unlike in my previous sweaty scruffbag look! I still hate exercise but at least the pink gives me something pretty to look at while suffering! Anyone have any other suggestions to try and help me get fitter? A chocolate bar that aids weightloss would be heaven but beggars can’t be choosers!


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