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Day 7: Sabotage!!

I think it has become clear where my shopping problem has come from – my parents!

I am going to another most marvellous meet up in February, Valentine’s weekend to be precise! Because I’d much rather spend time with other fashion obsessed people than a smelly boy!

The event I’m going to is the carnival ball at the Blackpool Tower ballroom. This place is my idea of heaven. Beautiful surroundings, a gorgeous dance floor, live music…. it’s like being in my own movie! The dress theme is “decadence through the ages” which lead to me having a complete freak out that nothing I had was decadent enough! My mother’s solution? To find dresses when put shopping in the sales, photograph them and then SHOW ME THEM! I pointed out I wasn’t shopping, my parents response? “O, it’s only £15!”…and buying lots of £15 items is what lead me to this point! Were my shoe collection would quite easily cover a deposit on a large house!

But to give myself credit (pat on the back me!) I have instead sucked it up and gone back to my wardrobe and come up with the following outfits…...

Cavort in coral!

This dress is a stretch lace and although not sparkly sparkly it does make an impact! I love the neckline and the way the skirt flares out at the bottom. To jazz it up I would use the brooch (attached to the waist) and earrings that I bought together at a flea market for £3 total!

Earrings to the left, hair clips to the right!

I’d possibly add the floral hair clip and a simple necklace with a bit of sparkle to finish it off.


These shoes are just a work of art. So comfortable and easy to dance in! So the perfect shoe really! I look at them and think Mr. Blahnik was thinking 1840s for these, not 1940s, but who cares?!

Starry starry night

I can always guarantee I’ll have a good time in a Vivien of Holloway dress! This one is particularly special with its tulle overlay covered in sparkle and stars in both silver and gold. I’m not a fan of the halterneck style that the dress originally came with (I end up with a groove in my neck from the bra!) So I took it to my tailors and they removed the halter and used the fabric to make 2 straps! Much better! Of course a black fluffy Sam’s petticoat would be going underneath – it’s how I imagine sitting on clouds to be when I was little!

I’d slide this headband on, and these black sparkly necklace and earrings to accessorise before wearing the Manolo Blahnik shoes that Carrie in Sex and the City referred to as an urban shoe myth in the Vogue fashion cupboard. They are actually named campari but as you can see on the post it note I prefer Carrie’s description!


Strut like a peacock!

A sweetheart neckline AND ruffles? I just had to have it!

This dress is a very very old one from Karen Millen (from when they were merely expensive as opposed to ridiculously expensive!). The colours on this are what drew me in and I feel it’s a bit 1920s. What to wear with such a nice dress? Peacock Manolo Blahniks! Might as well colour coordinate!


I bought these when I was in New York several years ago. The “feathers” are made of tiny strips of sturdy fabric, almost tube like, which are then dyed and fanned together to make the feather. They also go very well with my hair as its peacock coloured too at the moment!

This I think would look quite nice with a sparkly pair of drop earrings and necklace…



So I guess I do actually have some choices really….which to go with though? I’ve got another 3 weeks to decide I guess so it might even turn out to be something completely different! Any help in deciding which outfit screams “decadence” would be much appreciated!


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