What would Dita do?

WWDD? Sleep wear

From a post on evening wear to what I normally wear in the evenings!

Pyjamas are just the best things ever. If I ever was out shopping and could find nothing (in that one shop!) then my fallback option was pyjamas. Now I may live near Liverpool but that doesn’t mean I actually go outside in them! And because of that, combined with hoarding tendencies, I ended up with a stupid amount of pyjamas. Most of which I definitely would not wish to be seen in!

Dita believes that even at home you should still make the effort with satin pyjamas. After reading that before Christmas I got a few little treats in the boux avenue sale. To be honest its a good thing I did as I went sleepwalking OUT OF THE HOUSE on new years eve at 3am, not waking until I had walked several hundred meters…

Imagine the horror of being seen in holey, generally old pyjamas! Fortunately I had on this..

Quite stylish! Alas I do not look like the model in mine but c’est la vie Also the pyjamas were in the sale for £15! I do feel very luxurious in them although I prefer to wear a black T-shirt with the bottoms s opposed to the camisole it comes with. But that’s just because my F cup runneth over in it!

The other sets I got (also in the sale…) were

I’ll be honest, the tori chemise on the right has only been worn when trying on. It’s lovely and everything but it’s winter and therefore I am more likely to cover myself in pyjamas!

I do also have (and swear I will never buy from anywhere else) the Winnie waffle hooded robe. This thing has taken a battering. I have got all sorts of hair dye on it (blue,free,pink,orange,red…) and I use it when fake tanning. I put it in the wash and every time over the last 12-18 months it comes out looking like new! Which is even more impressive when I normally have had to replace every 6 months before now. It’s also soooo snuggly soft! Just look at how cosy the models seems – that can’t be faked!

This robe is currently on sale at £20. If they still had it in my size it would be very hard for me to resist buying 6. Just so I’d have one for every day of the week!

If I was not shopping I would probably also buy the following. Not all of these are satin as I think it’d be pretty hard to do it every day (a girl just wants to wear her fluffy primary minion pyjamas some days!) but I think I would still look pretty stylish on my sleepwalks (if I got past the numerous locks and obstacles I’ve now put in my way!) All are from Boux Avenue.

Am I nuts or do you look forward to crawling into pyjamas at the end of a long day too?!


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