Stopping shopping

Day 8: Relaxation…

My normal way to relax is to shop, so I’m trying to find new ways to unwind.  My problem is particularly at night as I have really bad insomnia.  There are only so many times you can read something before online shopping becomes veeery tempting!

So in that vein I have tried the following over the last few days (with varying degrees of success)



I already love a good soak in the tub, once a week I just lie there with my hair colour mixed with conditioner on to top up the blue and help nourish my bleach damaged hair!

But…. normally I read on my phone (blue lights – bad as they keep waking you up) but this time I lit some candles (thanks Dita von Teese for the tips!) and read a book instead.  That and some music in the background lead to 2 hours to fly by without me realising! It didn’t stop the insomnia but I did feel like I’d had a spa experience once I’d scrubbed, face masked etc!

Colouring time!


Colouring in has really become popular in recent times as a way to relax.  I have done a few mindful colouring books but found them a little dull.  When I found these 2 books I knew they would definitely appeal!

The Vogue colouring book I particularly loved as it was all fashion from the fifties. Each picture had a description of it and when/where the original was photographed.  I may have gone for a bit more colourful choices that the designers did!

I have a set of watercolour colouring pencils which is nice to use to give gradients in shade, a simple wash or vivid shade.  I can’t draw at all so this is a nice way to allow me to embrace my inner fashion designer!

Tidy house, tidy mind!

I’m not a big lover of tidying but I do feel better when I have done it! There’s nothing better than slipping into bed surrounded by nice fresh, clean sheets.  And sorting my wardrobes did give me a great sense of satisfaction once I got over the 4 hours of doing them!  And of course it will be no surprise that one of my favourite things to sort is my Manolo collection!

I do change the shoes that I have on display every few months and that does always cheer me up! I do like to write postits with daft (and more sensible) descriptions to remind me of what is what (for example the pink and black shoeboots in the 2nd picture are called my caterpillar boots!)



Yes I have to include yoga! I always try and do a little routine before bed as it helps me stretch out my muscles after a day working on my feet.  Just focusing on my breathing is very helpful. I do vary the ones I use but a favourite is at This is perfect if you can’t be bothered as it is so simple and you do it in bed! Not as good a view as the picture above but I think hypothermia would be likely if I tried that on the beach in the North West of England!

So if I combine them all together I do feel nicely zoned out.  It’s just a shame that the insomnia still won’t stop! Any other suggestions besides treating myself to prescription medication one night a week?!


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