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Day 9: Go for Gingham!

I absolutely love the fashions of the 40s and 50s. They just fit me so well and suit my personality (basically I love colour and prints!) One of my favourite looks from this time is anything gingham! Its such a fun yet simple print and you can’t help but smile when you see it! The nails above were done for me by a very talented manicurist. She has been doing my nails every fortnight for 2 years and these are still the ones that make my heart skip a beat!

I just love all these outfits ranging from the late 30s to the early 60s. The one thing I find strange though is why do we usually consider gingham a summer print?


To change that I decided to go out and about in my favourite gingham trousers (everyone has at least 3 pairs right?!) These are from Oasis who I find do some great separates (and some even better deals on them in the sales!). They cost me £10, reduced from £42.


Although I’m not really a monochrome girl I decided to pair this with a black shirt I picked up in the Primark sale section (yes, shockingly they do have one and it does have some good stuff if you have a root!) for a fiver. This is the only shirt I have as most have gaping buttons over the chest. It is larger than I would usually expect a 12 to be but it means it fits over my chest although elsewhere it gives a looser fit than I normally like. It works okay when tucked in which is what I did with it here.


The leather jacket,I am embarrassed to admit, is from when I was 11. I convinced my mum to buy it for me for my first year of secondary school. I felt so grownup with my first piece of clothing from Topshop!

Vulgara?! More like classya!

These shoes are (guess what?!) Manolo Blahnik’s from A/W 2014. They are called Vulgara and I love that they have gingham on the inside of the shoe! What I love even more is that they only cost me £25!! Yes 25! I didn’t miss a zero off there! I guess I owe my dad an apology for years of berating him for my inheriting his feet but my mum’s height! How 5ft5 has lead to size 40 shoes is a mystery to me!


It has been a bit cold up here recently which meant I made sure I stayed warm in this epic hat! A good hat is one of the best accessories (shoes are number 1 of course!) and everyone should wear more of them in my humble opinion.

This may not be a true recreation of a vintage look but this is the sort of thing I would wear out and about day to day. Its comfy, looks like I’ve made an effort, and is much more flattering to my body than jeans and a jumper would ever be…


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