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Day 10: Bopping at the ballroom!

One of the nice things about ballroom dancing is the half yearly dance exam presentation evenings. Not because I love getting the certificates in front of everyone (cringe!) but they always get a professional couple in to dance. While at these evenings I have seen up close Anton and Erin, Ian and Camilla and many many more!

Yes she is dancing this blindfolded!

This time it was a newly turned professional couple Mark and Olga Elsbury. They have won a lot of top competitions in their time and when watching their demonstration you could certainly see why!

I particularly enjoyed watching them do steps that I know I do as it shows you how nice it is when doing it properly! More importantly just look at the frocks!

Making a dress for ballroom is not as easy as go into a shop and pick one out, you have to have them specially made. The main reason is the foundation to the dress. Good underwear is always important but more so when you’re being spun around the dance floor! Ballroom and Latin American outfits start with a leotard that matches your skintone which is made to fit your body perfectly. Otherwise you may end up showing more than you actually intended! After that the dress is built onto the loetard and you’re set to go! You can buy second hand dresses but I personally wouldn’t as I don’t fancy wearing someone else’s gusset! (Too much information?!)

Anyway looking at these pictures I think its clear why I got into dancing!

However, this was also a big deal as it is the first time that I went to one of these occasions WITHOUT buying a new outfit! So what is a girl to do? I was going to wear something glitzy but felt that as my new bright turquoise hair (and of course an amazing pair of shoes!) needed to be the main attraction! So I went with that old favourite the LBD. I didn’t actually have a little black dress until September as I normally go for the blue,red,yellow or multicoloured dress! I do love this dress though. It is the Audrey from collectif.


Model is definitely not me!

What I love about this dress is the way it pulls you in, the flattering neckline and the curved bit of ruching at the waist. I wore it with seamed stockings (black seams, champagne legs) and these beauties…

I could look at these shoes all day..

Yup the New York shoes came out. Them, a double strand pearl necklace and pearl studs and I was sorted!

It was nice to go out and the world not end in an outfit I’d worn before. It was even nicer to actually match my dance partner (he had all black but no peacock shoes or hair sadly!) so hopefully the photos of us with Mark and Olga will not look too awful!


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