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Day 11: Love at first sight

When I first saw a picture last year my heart skipped a beat..  I couldn’t stop thinking about them for weeks.  And several months later I finally had them in my grasp.

Meet Morfia.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Just look at the gold detailing! And the fluffy!

I know some people only associate Manolo Blahnik with D’orsays and the Hangisi style shoe that Carrie wore to get married in in Sex and the City but he does so much more! These shoes are lined with the fur that you can see at the top.  They are so so soft! and warm.  So much so that even with the supposed storm to end all storms, I went out in these bare legged!  I did have a very nice coat to help stop me getting too chilly though!


I do love my Collectif Pearl coat. It is like walking around feeling like a movie star! I may look like I have no neck here but it’s because I’m hiding in the fur collar! I really dislike how I look in photos so that’s why you don’t really see my face on here!

As life is always better with a bit of sparkle I also added one of my brooches to the fur…


I went with this as I felt the red stones went really well with my shoes and dress, the Veronique from Collectif.  This was a bargain £22.50 on the Collectif Ebay page.  If you are ever after a bargain you should definitely have a look on there.  Do not blame me if you buy a few too many things though!


I really love the 1940s look to this outfit. Even though this looks dressy it is incredibly comfortable and quick to through on.  A very important combination in the cold North West of England at this time of year on your day off! I also like the contrast with my turquoise hair – it can be hard to wear too many colours at once when you have unnatural hair!


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