Stopping shopping

Day 12: Tailored to fit!

One of my obsessions about clothes in recent years is how my clothes fit.  If things don’t fit correctly they will always look cheap.  So although shopping is out, alterations will always be in!  A really good example of this is my very large collection of Vivien of Holloway circle dresses!

I have 9 of these dresses and I adore wearing them with a petticoat.  My best friend had them as Bridesmaids dresses when she got married a couple of years ago and it is one of the few occasions where I really like how I look in pictures!

But (there always is a but isn’t there?!) I really wasn’t so keen on the halterneck.  The strap was too wide and there was too much of it.  It just wasn’t as flattering as it could be.  For years I just folded it at the sides and put a few stitches on it to try and reduce it.  When I moved back up to the Wirral though, I discovered on my daily walk a new addition to West Kirby (an old Victorian sea side town)

Gotta love that view when walking around the marine lake!

It wasn’t even open yet but my mind started whirring… I bet they could do something to my frocks!

sewing room

I decided on doing a test run with one of the dresses that I hadn’t worn in a while which was the white cherry circle dress..

So much better! I instantly went home, grabbed all the others and put them all in for the same alteration! At the same time I dealt with another niggle I had about these dresses and had a hook and eye added to the top of them all.  This all came to £30 a dress – 100% worth the cost as I have worn all of them out much more since.  I can wear my normal bras under them as opposed to a halter (which is much more comfortable!) and wearing a petticoat always makes me feel better!

After that I was a woman possessed!  I bought these 2 Lindybop dresses in the sale for £8.99 each. Although they fit perfectly and the colours are lovely they were just a bit too long for me.  They hit at that awkward point mid calf and as a bit of a shorty that just made me look squat! So they both had a few inches chopped off and are now just on my knee. Yay!

Another recent alteration was to the Collectif Mel dress. I got this off their Ebay page as it was only £20 due to a mark it had on the front which washed off easily. The straps were too long on me which meant that the V neckline was veering towards flashing nipples territory (definitely something I wasn’t keen on!).  Having got it back I now know that I will love wearing it out and about – red is always a fantastic colour to wear after all! And I may have some lovely shoes to go with it 😉

Mel Pencil Dress Red.jpg

My next alteration?  My What Katie Did torsolette!  This thing sucks me in and creates a beautiful shape (as does my glamour corsolette!), but it takes about an hour to squeeze it past my hips as they are much bigger than my waist! And then the same amount of time to get it off! So the amazing Charlotte has come up with an idea to add some more hooks and eyes to the back of it so that I won’t feel the urge to cut it off instead!

Fingers crossed it works! I am sure it will as they are so talented and I trust them implicitly. When I finish my shopping ban I will also be using some of the money that I have saved from not shopping to get a tulle dress custom made here which I am sure will look fabulous!


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