Stopping shopping

WWDD? Exercise

When I started doing the What Would Dita do? my aim was to fill my spare time with nice things to do so that I would be less inclined to shop.

One of these was to go with the whole healthy body healthy mind thing. But as I have already mentioned I loathe working out!

When I was at university I had one hell of a good body and mind.  I did 5 different dance classes each week as well as going to the gym.  Obviously I don’t do that much now!

My favourite dance class is my weekly ballroom and latin american one.  I love how you go through such a lot of different styles.  My favourites are the  cha cha, quickstep, foxtrot and jive.  My partner is not so keen on the jive but he very nicely agrees to do at least one song of it each week to keep me quiet!  People don’t realise what a fantastic workout it is.  You are holding your body in ways that you work muscles that you never knew existed and I have to say I do have pretty toned legs!  Because you are holding your arms up all the time you reduce those bingo wings too!


A more recent style of dance that I love is Chair Burlesque! The wonderful Tiger Rose has been running it in the Wirral and Liverpool for a while and is a fantastic teacher.  All the women in the class are so supportive and I spend the entire time laughing!  There is no stripping but you don’t half workout your body!  My abs keep hurting  which is no bad thing. And I get to use a FEATHER FAN at the moment.  The routines change every 4 weeks and you go over everything each lesson so it’s fairly easy to pick up!

When I am not doing these classes 3 times a week I’m following Dita’s workout in her book.  It is really improving my flexibility and I can certainly feel that it has done its work each morning after doing it!

Have I developed love of exercise? Not really. But I love learning new dances! Also, as someone with depression, it has been proven that being active helps improve your mood. Something I certainly need! I’m planning on taking up Aerial Silks soon which will definitely have an impact on my arms (and a fair few burns to my legs!) Maybe I will run away to the circus!



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