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Day 13: Twirling in Sherwood!

I do love a good print, and if it includes one of my favourite colours all the better!  Today I needed an outfit that I could go out and go to the wholesalers to shop in while still looking “me”.  As I was shopping for a cafe I would be lugging boxes of chips, trays of drinks, lots of sausages and sauce…you get the idea.

check, full skirt AND pockets?!! Heaven!

This dress is the Caterina Sherwood Check Swing Dress from Collectif.  I have this in a pale blue polka dot fabric for the summer too and I absolutely adore them!  They are comfortable, twirlable and HAVE POCKETS!! Why is it that a dress is automatically so much better with pockets? It’s not like I put anything in them after all!

The polka dot Caterina is a lightweight cotton fabric so I was a bit wary of buying this dress as it is meant to be more autumn/winter wear.  Fortunately the people at Collectif are a sensible bunch and so this is in a heavier fabric, the best way to describe it is it feels like brushed cotton pyjamas. But obviously it looks a lot more fabulous!

Odd name, beautiful shoe!

A dress like this need shoes to go with.  I dithered a bit before deciding on these red beauties from (I’m guessing this might be getting a bit boring now) Manolo Blahnik! I would love to know how he names his shoes as these are called…. Hemormod! Odd name but a beautiful shoe!  The contrast between the suede and the patent leather heel and bow is just so simple but effective.

As it gets cold going in and out of freezer rooms etc tights were a must.  I just felt the contrast of the pale tights and the red was much brighter and more cheerful than going with my typical black or grey.

With all the running about though I didn’t want to be wearing a big heavy coat (I can get hot quite quickly when unloading all the stuff into work!) so a short jacket it is! This is a very old faux leather biker jacket I bought in a discount store, I love how the colour of this varies between a true grey and more of a lilac depending on what you pair with it.


Before anyone asks, yes I do get a couple of funny looks walking around in this. Although to be fair I get funny looks in the wholesalers wearing my work trousers and t-shirt so I think it’s more that I’m usually the only woman shopping in there!  The customers where I work all said nice things though, which is always nice to hear!


And why the red lips picture at the beginning I hear you ask? Because what else should go with this outfit but a black eyeliner flick and red lipstick! My favourite way to look put together when running about on only 2 hours sleep! The shade I’ve got on is Besame Cherry Red which is my absolute favourite for a busy day – it does not budge! It’s pricey (£22 on Beauty Bay) but o so worth it! Just remember to use some lip balm a little while before to make sure no dry bits show up!



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