Stopping shopping

Day 14 : Good foundations…

My mother has always jokes that due to my love of shoes and underwear that I should consider stripping as a career!

But as Christian Dior said that “without proper foundations there can be no fashion” and to be honest I have so many foundations that I don’t know what to do with them! So as I had a few hours free last night I spent some of it playing sort the drawers.

At the moment my drawers are an absolute mess! Everything is tangled and mixed up so I just keep reaching for the same sets (which to be honest are a bit greying and tired now. Not the best look!).  I couldn’t actually close the drawers because of the sheer amount of stuff in them (see the right picture). So first to go was anything that just looked tired and ugly…. then came an epic trying on session. I tend to do this every year as elastic is only going to last so long!  If my bra band is on the smallest hook and eye then in the bin it goes! If there is gaping or overflow, bye bye!

Bye bye!

Having filled a bin bag with all of this I then had a quick sort through all my pyjamas as well.  As I had done this in October there was less to get rid of but anything that didn’t make me feel amazing in it.  If I was going to be embarrassed opening the door to the postman in it out it went!

And finally the folding and returning began.  Bras in the top drawer; bottoms along with spanx, corsets and other shapewear went into the second; pyjamas, swimwear and tights in the bottom drawer.  What about socks? They go into a bag along with a smaller bag just for stockings! Hopefully I will wear some of my rediscovered sets now to go with the rediscovered clothes! This just leaves one big thing to do…. the shoe sort! ARGH!



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