Stopping shopping

Day 16: Setting a time limit!

When I started this I didn’t think I would last a week, let alone more than 2!  Most people who know me didn’t go any further than 4 hours (assuming i was asleep for 1 of those!)

So I started thinking about what my time limit should be.  I know that I will never last a year as there is the Summer Manolo Blahnik sale which I would never miss.  Especially now that I have seen this season’s collection….

So I have decided to last for 6 months.  This means until the 17th July (O god what am I getting myself into?!!) I am not allowed to shop.  To ensure I have an incentive to actually do this I have been trying to think of a sufficiently tempting reward.

Shockingly my first thought wasn’t shoes! I am planning on going the the 1940/50s Most Marvellous Meet ups 2nd annual ball in November. This will be taking place in Dorset (the first one, which I missed, was in Manchester but why go for the easy option?!) and I was thinking of getting myself a fabulous dress custom made to fit me.  A proper old fashioned 1950’s dress with insane amounts of tulle underskirt!

But then I saw these….


I finally understand what people mean when they talk about love at first sight! I have looked at them twice a day ever since!  But of course these are a bit too dressy for day to day wear.  To cover all bases I am thinking of…

The simpler version of the shoe of my dreams is this simple sandal with rose buds on the straps.  This also comes with a black strap but I much prefer the white as it is a lovely summer look which really allows the roses to pop!

The style of shoe known as Carolyne is 30 this year so it makes sense to get one of those.  The pink multicoloured tweed on the front of this means it could be worn with so many different colours! And the shoe itself just makes me smile..

I have a terrible admission to make.  I loathe the “something blue” shoe that Carrie wore to get married in Sex and the City.  The shoe style is known as Hangisi which is what this floral blue pump is.  I just love the fabric and have a Vivien of Holloway dress that would go beautifully with it.  I would prefer it on a BB pump which is what the neon pump style is (named after Brigitte Bardot – I could imagine her wearing this style shoe in her old movies – so understated yet sexy!) Do I need to really explain why these ones jumped out at me – LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY COLOURS?!! I have a feeling that I would need to see these in person though to make sure that those colours really did pop.

Quite a few of his shoes have this teardrop affect on this season which remind me of a burgundy pair of sandals that I already have from (god I feel old) Spring 2009.  These are brighter coloured and have a closed toe so would be easier to wear during the day!

My mum  really loves the colour red so these 2 would make me think from her (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) The heart shoes also come in a lovely shade of blue (almost turquoise) which I think would be perfect for a wedding (hello best friend getting married this year – let me get you these bad boys!!) and I always love a good polka dot design! It is such a fun print which will go with so many other things!

So instead of a dress, or a holiday, or and ISA or whatever…. I’ll invest in shoes! Hopefully I will have reduced my lust list by then; but if I don’t get that very first pair from their new Burlington Arcade store then I will be wailing in despair!

What would you buy after a shopping starvation of 6 months?!


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