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Day 17: Don’t step on my blue suede shoes (okay boots)

One of the great things about having mad coloured hair is the many opportunities to clash with whatever I’m wearing! However, once in a while I do love a bit of colour coordination!  And when I saw these boots I held them to my hair and went “ooooooh”.


These beauties are called “Bratti”.  I don’t think they scream brat but when you produce as many lovely pairs of shoes as Mr. Blahnik I think I can forgive him the unusual names!

The next day while wandering through Spitalfields market (okay sprinting like a demented clothes obsessive) I went into Collectif.  And there in front of me was a black (boo) dress covered in turquoise polka dots (YAAAY OMGOMG GIMME!) now if that wasn’t fate I don’t know what it was.  Possibly what happens when you look repeatedly at a website going oooh that would be nice, but I’m sticking with fate! Anyway this lovely is called Willow and is in the sale still at the moment.  It has a nice thick cotton fabric so you don’t get too cold and a Marilyn moment doesn’t happen when you step outside into the gusty weather!

Oooooh pockets!!!

Now in case you haven’t noticed it is a bit chilly this week, with the wind battering us here in the UK.  So boots, a dress with sleeves and nice thick tights will always be a winning combination! It may have been noticed by a few people that I was matching (one guy did look back at me a total of 4 times while walking away with his dog) but noone made any comments because I looked fabulous (or they were terrified by the hair – that also happens!) This is my only day off this week so I might as well embrace colour when I am! Next time I’ll have to clash!


What to top this outfit with? A jacket! This is the jacket that is part of a suit I bought from Hobbs when I first started teaching for interviews.  The trousers are well and truly gone now but the jacket lives on!


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