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Day 19: Not so mellow yellow…

People always expect my favourite colour to be whatever my hair happens to be (so peacock blue at the moment!) but it happens to be yellow.  The brighter the better! So if anything will drag me out of my funk it’s wearing a whole lot of yellow!!

One of my most commonly worn outfits involves my neon yellow trousers that I bought in Topshop about 2 years ago when I was still teaching (yes I wore these to work, yes the kids thought I was the coolest 😉 )  I tend to wear these with grey, specifically my biker jacket, Primark jumper and Manolo Blahnik Collinas.


Now why just have one yellow item of clothing when you could have 2?!  This striped tube skirt is from Dorothy Perkins.  I do find them to be really underrated for their clothes.  If I want something that is classic with a twist then they are always one of my first stops on the high street.  This skirt is one of those items that I wish that I had bought more than one of when I got it in the sale a few years ago. The jumper is another Primark job – I have this in about 6 different colours and wear it A LOT.


I think that’s enough yellow so how about a pop of green to go with?  These shoes were my very first pair of Manolos.  My parents got them for me for my 20th Birthday just over 9 years ago.  They’re called Egidia and I loved them so much I went back to the sale to buy them in cobalt blue!



And to finish?  This is a dress I got from ASOS last summer.  I love the bardot neckline, the jacquard fabric makes the skirt stick out nicely, and the blue flower pops so well against the yellow.


What to go with these you ask? How about a pair of Manolos made for the Spring 2013 Antonio Berardi show?  The metallic bands on these are so simple but pretty! The slightly blue tinge to the silver makes these a little bit different to a normal strappy sandal. And god that heel is a thing of beauty! If there is one thing Manolo Blahnik is a genius at its crafting a beautifully shaped heel!




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