What would Dita do?

WWDD – Getting lippy!

Even when exercising Dita makes sure she has makeup on. As she says in her book “a bad day always goes better with a bold lipstick.  I find comfort in being glamorous.”

Now I am not short on makeup supplies so this one was not the hardest of the What Would Dita Do ideas! When you have to fill 3 makeup bags, 2  vanity cases and god knows how many lipsticks in the bottom of all your handbags you do not need to panic about not having enough to use!

As I get very little sleep I am an expert in covering up exhaustion.  But most of the time I would normally just stick with trying not to look like a corpse with concealer, foundation, bronzer and blush.  Since starting the WWDD I have been adding lipstick to my daily routine.  My favourite colours are Besame “cherry red”, Mac “ruby woo”, Mac “impassioned” and Mac “morange”.  All do give me a smile even on the worst days and it certainly perks up my complexion!

12633136_818801085833_1015252501_o (2)

The Besame lipsticks are particularly good when it comes to staying power (I only need to reapply once in a day and it fades really evenly).  The ways the bullet is shaped means that you can also use it as a liner (yay for a 2 in 1!).  I also have Besame “red hot red” but I tend to use that more as an evening lipstick.


Mac “Ruby Woo” is the most recent addition to my stash.  I know it’s meant to be THE retro red lipstick along with Russian Red but I have always gone for others over it. It is a bit drying but I always slick on some burts bees lip balm first and that keeps them nice and soft!

2016-02-05 19.46.28

“Impassioned” is my favourite ever pink lipstick! It’s just so bright and happy! It seems to go with whatever hair colour I have, be it blue, pink, lilac or orange! This is also a matt colour but much creamier than the “Ruby Woo”.

2016-02-05 19.47.03

When it is Summer, along with Impassioned, I love to wear “Morange”! I am on my 3rd tube of it (which is a very rare thing!).  It also goes really well with autumnal looks and is a bit of a softer style than the other 3. However,  if you want to you can lay it on thick and you will certainly get a really loud pop of colour!

Like Dita, I don’t wear makeup because I hate how I look, it just gives a bit of glamour on a dull day!  That it hides my zombie look is an added bonus! And she is right that it only takes 30 seconds to apply which definitely seems worth it!


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