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Carnival capers at the tower!

God I haven’t written in a while! It’s funny how you put things off and then a week or 2 (or 3,4,5,6!) pass before you know it!

I am proud to say that I have gone 5 weeks without cracking now. Which is about 4 weeks, 6 days and 20 hours longer than most thought!

A lovely recent treat I had was a trip to the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool for their Carnival Ball. I had written about my dress dilemma already for this and I ended up taking 4 different outfits just because of my inability to decide! In fact I didn’t actually make a decision until about 15 minutes before the taxi arrived at the hotel to go to the ball!

So, although this outfit looks deliberately planned I swear it wasn’t….

Yes, my hair does in fact match the colour of my dress! I kept having people ask which came first hair or dress?!! It was the dress. A very old Vivien of Holloway number which I had the straps altered as it is so much easier to wear it with a bra now! I love  the second picture – I think I look a bit like Mutley from Wacky Races when he laughs!

The ball consisted of a variety of acts performing, from burlesque to juggling to contortionism and live music.  It was amazing.

I especially enjoyed meeting with some Most Marvellous Marvelettes from Facebook. It is so hard meeting new people when you are reaching 30 as it’s well past clubbing age etc. So I can’t say enough wonderful things about this Facebook group. If you are into vintage styles then definitely join! You won’t be disappointed!

All in all a wonderful evening and I’ll be definitely be twirling there again next year! Alsoth



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