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It’s so fluffy!!

I love anything fluffy.  This means I have some “interesting” items of clothing which I have obtained mainly due to the fluffy factor!

For example, this neon green faux fur coat from Lavish Alice…


This was (shockingly!) in their sale last summer for the knockdown price of £20.  It was originally £120 so I was very pleased with this purchase, even more so when it arrived! I may have waved it in the faces of everyone around me in work (including people I don’t know) telling everyone to stroke it!  A lot of people thought that I would never wear it because of putting together an outfit with it would be too hard. But when you have as much stuff as I do I consider it a mini challenge!

It’s so hard finding a pair of jeans that fit properly.  I hate low rise because I spend the entire day hoiking them up! And skinny jeans make me look like an egg on legs!  So when I first came across these jeans from Oasis on ASOS I was tempted by them.  Then I realised they were £14.50 in the sale! So I bought and wore one pair and they were my own little slice of denim nirvana! As they still had size 12s in stock I bought a second pair as a back up should the first pair ever need replacing! To keep the attention on the coat I went with a simple top. And the shoes?

Hello pretty shoes! A simple black and white court from the amazing Manolo Blahnik! The heel on these just hits you!  And I kinda love that if I cross my feet that they also make a cross… yes I’m weird!


Another fluffy coat (I named this one Sulli after the character in monsters inc and the first one Mike for the same reason!) This one was a bit more and from boohoo.  This was the first fluffy coat purchase as I thought that all the different pastel colours would mix well with lots of outfits.  The first one I went for was this…

2016-02-21 18.44.26

I love these trousers.  Another sale purchase, this time from Topshop.  Topshop do some great smart clothes if you have a good enough root about.  Their cigarette trousers are something I swore by when I was a teacher as they are smart, durable, yet still me.  These blue ones were £8 in the sale.  I think this is because Topshop are not your first thought of work wear  on the high street? Not complaining though because that means more bargains for me!  The shoes shockingly are not Manolos.  These are a pair of shoes I got in a sale at Dune and they are sooooo comfy.  I also love the pastel blue and all the little white beads on the bow.

2016-02-21 18.43.08

Just to show that I don’t just have fluffy coats… I have this lovely navy fluffy jumper from Topshop.  I wear this when I spend the day needing a hug. The jumper does it beautifully.  Because it is a bit oversized I tend to go with a fitted bottom.  This Dorothy Perkins skirt fits the bill while smartening the top and ensuring I don’t overheat! The shoes are from Primark. They cost me a tenner and I love the mesh inserts they have,which along with the pointed toe and the nice bright navy colour, make them look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

And last but certainly not least…..

2016-02-21 18.45.26

My minion pyjamas! These were a Christmas present from Primark, who I have to say do the best fluffy pyjamas. And the colour on the bottoms! Anyone else obsessed with all things fluffy?!



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