Minty fresh!

Do you ever have one of those days where everything stylistically just seems to work? And then you realise that you have nowhere to go!! This all started with my eyeliner….


How come whenever you want to go out you can never get your eyeliner flicks correct? But a lazy day off? That’s when it turns out perfectly! Gah! And so I had to take myself out to lunch to just show em to the world!

2016-02-24 14.21.01

This dress was an eBay bargain which I followed for days and paid £16.50 for including postage! It is a collectif Caterina from last summer. When I finally bit the bullet to buy it off their site it had sold out in my size! 😦 I was so excited to try it on when it arrived and was made up to find it did up over my chest!


Theses shoes are a gorgeous pair of Manolos that I bought last year in the January sale. The colours are a lovely compliment to the dress and I like the little bit of contrast of the golden yellow.

And so, one set of eyeliner flicks led to a day out where I got my nails done, had a nice lunch and a haircut! Not a bad day off all in all! Even better my magazines colour coordinated with my dress a treat!


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