Caterpillar boots! (not THOSE caterpillars ;-) )

When I was a teacher, there were one pair of shoe boots where a personal favourite of mine.  They ended up with the nickname of the caterpillar boots because that’s what the staff in the office called them!


Manolo Blahnik did them in some other shades (baby blue springs to mind) but I had to have such a lovely loud shade!

It seemed like fate that a few months later Topshop released a gorgeous bright pink biker jacket! I was drooling over it for ages….

topshop biker

One small problem…. the cost.  It was over £120 and as I was living in London I just couldn’t justify it.  That didn’t stop me popping in from time to time to just look at it! And on one of these trips I came across the matching skirt! Which was a much easier price…


Doesn’t it go really well?!! Combined with a trusty black Primark jumper and tights and  the outfit is sorted!  Weirdly my hair looks really dark here (I’m guessing because of the horrible cloudy weather outside) but it’s actually purple! So that’s a bit odd! As is the I’m a little teapot pose….





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