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Prancing in Primark

Primark can get a bad reputation for clothes that look as cheap as they are! However, if you are selective you can get some great clothes.  This is my modern spin on a rockabilly look…


The main part of this look is curling my pixie cut.  When your hair is this short you need a half inch curling iron.  Mine is a Nicky Clarke one and it works a treat.  I then tied a hair scarf around my head which cost me £1.50 in Primark.


The trousers are one of about 4 pairs I bought in different colours last Summer.  They’re a nice soft cotton and the perfect length for both heels and flats. That and one of their T-shirt’s and I’m sorted most Summer days!


As it is still cold a jacket is necessary.  This is (shockingly!) also Primark.  It was originally white but an accident with a glass of red wine meant that a dye job was needed! It turned out much better than expected! I particularly liked how the collar and pockets went a more speckled white and pink as opposed to the very pink body!

Really to make it properly rockabilly I should have pulled on my floral plimsolls (£4 in Primark!) but I decided that these Manolos pulled the look together with the pink complimenting the jacket.  The cross body blue Primark bag completed the look!

What is your favourite Primark purchase (if any?!)


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