Stopping shopping

7 weeks – lusting over Lindy Bop !!!!

Wow it has been a whole 7 weeks since I shopped! And it’s killing me! Whoever said it gets easier lied…. Especially when Lindy Bop send you a code (leap15) with 15% off all purchases over £75 to celebrate the extra day in February. So if anyone would like to remove the temptation for me I would be very grateful!

Maybelle peach jacquard twinset. (Also available in black or ivory)

Thuis  dress and jacket combo just screams Jackie O to me! And in my book that is a very good thing. The simple shift with the bow at the waist and v back would be very appealing alone but the addition of that jacket seals it for me! O and did I mention that it is only £55 for them together?! Bargain! I’m hoping to coerce my mother to order it for herself and them borrow it from her! She’s gradually weakening so fingers crossed!

Ariel red fishtail wiggle dress

I do have a weakness for the colour red. It’s something that if you wear it will always make an impact (if you have matching bright red hair all the better in my experience!) Lindy Bop released the Ariel last year in a navy with white polka dot pattern which I snapped up and LOVE! It’s a great dress because it’s sexy but the neckline and length means you don’t feel like everything is about to fall out! The one niggle is that the bows moved all the time but I added a quick stitch too them and now they stay flat along the strap (if I can do it anyone can – I have no sewing skills at all.) They have released this in a few different versions and I’d be quite happy to have any but the red would be number one! So if anyone want to gift a size 10 to me I wouldn’t say no! 😉

Tippi ice cream stripe swing skirt


Last year Lindy Bop did a dress in this print called Matilda. And I was enraged! Because the Matilda is a dress that I dream of suiting me but it just doesn’t fit right! But now I’m LIVID! Because now that I’ve given up shopping they release the skirt version! I swear the shopping gods are against me! It’ll go well with so many different coloured tops, I have a lovely mental image of sitting in a park having a picnic while this swirls around me. Let’s forget that I am not the biggest fan of eating outside (because well…. insects flying into food and drink) and that the second I sit down I’ll end up with stains all over it. Yes I am that clumsy! So to save the skirt from that fate buy them quickly before I crack!


Ohlson tropical floral print circle skirt 


The colours of this say more oriental inspired than tropical to me but either way I love it! And it’s a circle skirt which means one thing to me – petticoat time! Like the Ariel there are several versions of this skirt and it was hard to choose just one. I also really liked the aqua and red one but this would be more unique in my wardrobe.


I’m stopping three. Mainly because my self control is being seriously tested and if I moved onto coats and trousers I would definitely crack and end up feeling nauseous after buying aaaall the clothes! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be in the sale come July when I can shop again!



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