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Beating the bloat!

You know those days when you retain so much fluid you put on a few stone?! Today is one of those days (curses!) so my aim is simple – try to not look like I’m 9 months pregnant with a boob job! There are a few reasons why this is harder than you’d think –

1. Most of the waistbands on my clothes will not do up! I hold the majority of my bloat on my tummy area (hence the 9 month pregnant problem)

2.If I wear anything too oversized I look even bigger. Tops that hang straight down from the chest is an example of this. As a 30F I have to show my waist or I look ridiculous. And when I’m swollen I can get as big as a 34G!

3. Because of the bra issue I keep a couple of sets of underwear that are too big just for when this happens! After all good foundations are vital for a good outfit!

So this is what I came up with….

These trousers just screamed 1940’s at me when I first saw them in Primark. They were a lovely heavy fabric, side zipped (one of the few things I learnt from Trinny and Susannah – side zips give you a smoother line and so make you look slimmer!) and high waisted! O and those BUTTONS!!! So when I saw they were only £15 it was very much one of those come to mamma moments! And then a week later the black pair did the same to me….. Oops. I think it is becoming apparent why I needed to stop shopping!

In my opinion one of the Queen’s of Trousers is Katharine Hepburn. So when I got these I looked to her for inspiration…

Just look at her! At a time when it was considered shocking and uncouth to wear trousers she rocked them! And with no makeup too. Could you imagine celebrities doing that today? Even when they’re seen “bare faced” we all know they have tinted moisturiser etc on!

What really appeals about these photos is how relaxed yet stylish she is. I don’t really get why there seems to be a consensus that it has to be one or the other. And this just proves it! So I pulled out my only shirt and quickly realised that even my arms were swollen and I was going to end up like the incredible hulk exploding out of my top! My substitute? A black sparkling jumper! The copper and silver studs go really well with the colours of the trousers.



For shoes, the silver buttons are a really good match to these brogues. According the grazia etc these are very “in” at the moment thanks to Alessandro Michele at Gucci. Personally, I’ve had these for a few years and they are just a classic shoe. I got so much wear out of them that when the opportunity to buy them in copper came along I snapped em up!

Other than that I added my trusty brooch to my old Topshop cape and a leaf headband. I found that all this really distracted from my bloat! So besides lying around in pyjamas or jogging bottoms moaning in pain what are you solutions for a day like today?!


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