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Naughty(cal) but nice!

Well I’m still holding onto a stone and a half of bloat! But on the bright side my arms and feet have decreased slightly which is a relief (what would I do if my shoes all became too small?! Is there such a thing as foot liposuction?!) however, my chest and tum are still not subsiding! Added to which I was having a bad start to my day by missing my alarm; then having to chase after the binmen in my pyjamas while dragging the bin yelling like a loon! Fortunately I had followed Dita’s pyjama advice so I looked vaguely presentable and I managed to catch the binmen before they reached the supermarket nearby….phew!

So after catching my breath and doing my morning dance class, it was back to finding clothes that fit! And I think I didn’t do too bad a job!


The headband is the foundation to this outfit. I wanted my hair out of the way for my class and then quite liked how it turned out. Hence my little nautical themed look. I felt a bit like an old fashioned pinup girl in this with the eyeliner flicks and Mac ruby woo lipstick.

The jeans are from Primark. The flare balances me out while the waistband is a mid rise and so pulls me in up to the waist. The striped vest from H and M is nice and stretchy so accommodates the extra bust I’m currently carrying about! The blazer is from Matalan, one of my teacher purchases that I’ve had more use from since quitting teaching!


The shoes are a pair of Manolos from Summer 2013. I nicknamed them the spine Manolos because of the back of the heel. The fabric used to weave the pattern on the heel is pretty sturdy to which means that these get a LOT of use in the summer months!


It has been a lovely bright and sunny day here in the North West and it finally is beginning to feel (touchwood!) that Spring and (yaaaay!!!) Summer are finally on their way! Anyone else ready to wear their warn weather clothes?!


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