What’s wrong with these dresses?!

According to a recent article in The Guardian these dresses make them bad feminists… because pastels apparently are only worn to appeal to the patriarchy! Personally, I normally don’t like much of Cate Blanchett wears, but I don’t see her as someone who feels the need to pretty up at awards ceremonies to get decent roles! And if Alicia Vikander wants to dress up like Belle from Beauty and the Beast that’s her perrogative!

When I was a little girl I was OBSESSED with Belle (brunette who loved to read – I identified strongly!) and went to one of my first school non uniform days in the Disney gold dress with gloves. And you know I kept those gloves on all day! Did I wear it to appeal to the other boys in school? God no! I just loved that dress! And so my clothing choices over the years have followed the same trend. Me like, me wear!

2016-03-02 11.51.43

And so in honour of Cate and her dress here is my feminist take on pastels! Because this is an outfit I love and wanted to wear, which at the end of the day isn’t that a huge part of feminism? Having the freedom to choose to wear whatever the hell you want?!

2016-03-02 11.50.48

These trousers are another pair of my Primark cotton cropped trousers; this time in mint. They make me smile when I see them as the colour just screams spring to me! Unfortunately as the weather isn’t exactly warm here (I had to fight with the wind when leaving the house to go to the supermarket earlier!) a jumper was necessary! I love turquoise with green hence this Primark one. Top with a trench and I’m ready to face the world!


The shoes are where I started with this outfit. I love these Manolos because (shockingly!) of the colours. If there is one thing that sets Manolo Blahnik apart from everyone else it is his genius use of colour!


A simple way I accessorize is with my glasses. I am as blind as a bat and have several different pairs of glasses in a rainbow of colours! These are a from a brand called Mykita who hand make all their glasses. They don’t have a screw so no risk of losing an arm!

So does my outfit look feminist enough for you? 😉




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