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Go for gold!

When it comes to style inspiration, everyone has their favourite old Hollywood movie star. Or one they are drawn towards more than most. However hard I try to be like Audrey or Katherine, whenever I really need to make an effort or dress to impress, my spirit animal is Marilyn Monroe.

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Just to make clear, I do not think I am anywhere near as charasmatic or beautiful as her… It’s just that if I have a night out and 5 minutes to impress, I’ll always go for Ms Monroe.

Yesterday was one of those nights. Once home from work I had about 45 minutes to wash, do my hair, makeup, get dressed etc before gettong out the house to go to a “strictly come dancing” (or dancing with the stars for non Brits!) themed birthday party. And so my spirit animal of Marilyn came into play..

2016-03-06 00.24.52

This dress is from Tatyana (via deadly is the female) and is called golden glam. It is one of those dresses that I was automatically drawn to when I first saw it. The colour of the gold just seemed so much more rich than a lot of other clothes that I had seen. I bought it for my work Christmas party, had it shortened (again was a good few inches too short!), wore it once, hated all pictures of me in it and left it to languish in my wardrobe. Which is where the story would normally end except I couldn’t buy a new dress for this party and so I pulled it out again, hoping to redeem the purchase.


This time I made sure I had the proper undergarments on. I love my What Katie Did corselette and the new version looks even better! The one issue I have is the straps. They kept showing… it was driving me nuts! And so I used a safety pin on one side and a brooch on the other to keep the straps in place over the bra. It still showed a bit, but not enough to send me potty during the evening!

Stockings were a necessity as they keep the corselette in place (but seams just add to the old Hollywood feel right?!) and the hard decision of which shoes to wear was quickly sorted when I saw the heel and pleating detail on the front of these Manolos. Simple, yet FABULOUS!!

2016-03-06 00.25.57

It’s currently pretty cold up here so a warm coat from car to entrance was definitely needed. My collectif Pearl to the rescue! I’ve had this coat for well over a year now and it is wearing incredibly well. Better than I expected thankfully as it is such a great classic.

To go with my Marilyn theme I curled my hair, flicked my eyeliner and slapped on some of my besame lipstick in the same shade that Marilyn would have used. Considering the time constraints, I’m pretty happy with this look and might do something similar on Tuesday when I’m doing another quick change before going to see the amazing Puppini Sisters!

Who is your quick change Hollywood spirit animal?! And is it who you wish it would be (one day I will pull off Audrey with ease!)


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