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Perfect Puppini Sisters!

One of my favourite bands is the Puppini Sisters,  so when they came to Liverpool I just HAD to see them! And so what on earth to wear???

A dress that just screams dancing! This Vivien of Holloway dress was what I wore as Maid of Honour for one of my closest friend’s wedding.  Last year I had the strap altered from a halterneck to straps so I could wear a bra with it easier (the neck groove was getting annoying!) which made me love it even more!


Of course a gorgeous dress calls for gorgeous shoes! And god these shoes are gorgeous! Simple satin with a killer heel! The leaf on the tie is a great touch from the genius that is Manolo!


The concert (considering the surroundings I’m loathe to call it a gig!) was in the Epstein theatre, a small and pretty venue right by Liverpool Central station.  My friend and I drank prosecco at the bar and got more compliments than I thought possible!

Excitedly waiting for it to start!

Before the Puppini Sisters came on, we had an opening act – Hollie Stephenson.  She had an amazing voice; very Amy Winehouse-esque. She is being managed by David Stewart of the Eurythmics and has made a really good album!


The Puppini sisters are amazing live.  They sound just like their albums! So rare nowadays with the advent of autotune.  The best part was they came out after and told us how much they liked our outfits, signed the album I had bought, and had their photos taken with me.  I can’t wait to see them at the Twinwood festival this August now. Especially to hear their version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! I just couldn’t stop swaying along to it!

All in all it was a great Tuesday night out! As the twirling picture makes pretty clear!


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