This girl is on fiiiiire!

I tend to change my hair colour more regularly than some people change their underwear! When I get bored, I must change it NOW NOW NOW!!! The last week has become one of those times.  I have been floating around in the cool colour area for a while (lilac, blue, purple etc) and I have been getting cravings for something warmer!


My roots were over an inch long which also added a hint of urgency!  I normally go to the hairdressers when doing a big colour change but as I’m trying to grow my hair out I thought I would have a go at home!


And so to my colouring cupboard of fun! This was white once but I think the variety of hairdye splashes adds a special something, right?

Because my hair is very dark brown, to start with I needed to bleach my hair.  Obviously bleach is not especially good for hair so I wanted to limit the damage as much as possible.  To do this I

  1. Didn’t wash my hair for 3 days prior to bleaching.  The natural oils help protect the scalp.
  2. Coated my hair in coconut oil.  The more oil the better!20160316_104918
  3. I couldn’t get any developer lower than 40vol. That would burn my hair off! So I diluted it down to 20vol by adding an equal amount of distilled water to it.  I used distilled as the ions in the water could interact with my developer.


I followed the instructions that came with the bleach kit.  As I was mainly focused on lightening my roots I slapped it all on and coated my hair from root to tip.  If I was going to lighten all the hair then I would have started with the ends and left the roots until near the end as the hotter the conditions the faster the development time.

A bath hat is usually used to keep the head warm and stop the bleach from drying out and to keep it warm. I didn’t have one so instead I fashioned one out of clingfilm!

All that was left was to wash out the bleach, condition it, add some orange dye and let that process.  O and then re coconut oil my head for a few hours, wash it out and then add some red to the ends!


Tadah!!! Much better! And happily I did not lose all my hair!


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