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Summer frolics!

When I started writing this blog, I hated how I looked in photos and so swore that I wouldn’t put any photos of me on here (hence the photos of my outfits lying out on the bedroom floor!)… O how times have changed!


The reason for this? There are a few! One of the main being the lovely women I have met through learning chair burlesque and the most marvellous meet ups group on Facebook.  They are so supportive, kind and incredibly positive that you can’t help but begin to feel good about yourself! I hadn’t realised quite how much I had been hiding away from the world until recent months and they have played a huge part in that.


Anyway, the important question – what is that dress? It is the straw that broke the camels back – the Collectif Nina polka dot swing dress from their new spring/summer collection.  I have been lusting after this since I saw their new season look book a few months ago.  And unfortunately it ended up in my shopping bag the other night.  After a day off the wagon as it where, I am now being good again!

Anyway, the dress! It has a lovely strong satin underlay with a cute sweetheart neckline.  There are 2 little spaghetti straps made out of a clear plastic which keeps this in place.  The overlay is a pretty sturdy mesh with the lovely polka dots stitched on.  The quality of this is definitely worth the   And then, just because, I popped on my Vivien of Holloway petticoat underneath for twirling!

Obligatory twirling shot! Not sure what my arms are doing here though….

Hairwise, I tried to copy P!nk and her hair from the “just give me a reason” video.  I haven’t go as much length on top as she does but it turned out pretty well.  I love how the bow contrasted against the new flaming do!


The shoes are a pair of Manolos that I have worn on here before.  But the turquoise went so well with the polka dots! And, o yes, so pretty!

These photos were taken at a lovely old train station that has been closed for years.  It is cared for by a group and they have done an incredible job! The attention to detail is amazing! It is part of the Wirral Way – a beautiful walk with plenty of places to stop and stare. The photographer is a very good friend who I met through the most marvellous marvellettes group. And I’m so grateful to her for spending her free time doing this for me!


EDITED TO ADD – If you like these pictures, please head on over to the Twinwood festival Facebook page and like the one I have used for my entry to their Miss Vintage competition! I’d be over the moon if you did!


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