Stopping shopping

Comfy and casual

What to wear when you feel like death? Alas, not hangover induced but recovering from the flu!

I am slowly feeling normal again but after a night out dancing away while listening to the Black Cat Trio (so good!), I would have quite happily spent the day in my pyjamas!

But as I needed to go out to pick up my dinner – a gorgeous Indian, clothes were necessary! As I curled my hair for my night out it looked like I had stuck my finger in a socket.  I am trying to reduce the amount of times I wash my hair at the moment so I decided to copy an idea off a friend and cover up with a headscarf!  That meant all I needed to do was wet my fringe to tame it and a multitude of sins are covered!

12914775_827294879203_1791919055_o (2)

There isn’t anything more classic than blue jeans and a white tshirt. And these jeans are incredibly stretchy! The top is lovely and soft so it’s like going out in my pyjamas! Lovely!

To make it look like I had made a bit of an effort I pulled on my pink Primark biker jacket and coral and gold Ruby Shoos (£16.99 in TK Maxx as oppsoed to £45!)

Considering this is a 5 minute outfit I don’t think it looks that bad! And now, back to the couch!


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