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Hiding with a headband!

You know when you get up and just can’t be bothered? Well yesterday was that day for me! One where everything was just so much hassle!  But I forced myself out of the house to aqua aerobics and then later on to an appointment.  But what to do when you want to look like you have made an effort when in reality none at all?!


20160401_165238 (2)

Lindybop’s Lana dress is so easy to just throw on! And a dress always seems to make people think you have put some thought into your outfit!

Something else that has the same affect? Coordinating colours!  A red belt (from Vivien of Holloway) and very old cropped cardigan from Marks and Spencer pull this together complimenting the little red flowers on the dress.

Add a pair of tights and heels and sorted!


O, the headband?  Well I couldn’t be bothered styling my hair so instead mousse to push all my hair back and a head scarf tied around my head = yup I totally made an effort!


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