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Hitting the bottle (of bleach!)

I love changing my hair colour.  Normally I get bored every couple of months and play around with different vegetable dyes. I tended to use directions and crazy colour but have recently found colour freedom’s range to be very good.

When recently looking at new hair ideas I was automatically drawn to a few pictures on Bleach London’s instagram

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Tooti fruti salad by @tasher_spencer ‼️

A post shared by BLEACH (@bleachlondon) on’t they cool?! Anyway, I decided that this was a great time to try out some of Bleach London’s hair dyes.  I bought a variety of shades which I will be using over the coming months, but to start with I decided to use a combination of Tangerine Dream and In The Pink.The dye itself was lovely and thick, which meant it was nice and easy to put onto the specific parts of my head! And the smell – O MY GOD! If they released this as a perfume I would definitely buy! I put Tangerine Dream on the sides of my head and the roots on top.  I then added In The Pink to the ends that I had left dyeless on the top of my head. I then left them for an hour to really soak in (Bleach said leave for 15 minutes but I’m a great believer in the longer the better with dyes like this!)…..

Isn’t it cool?! The colour turned out really well. I like to think of this as a tropical sunset! I’ve seen so much bright red hair recently that I found this as a good alternative (and meant I didn’t need to bleach out the red I had on already – just let it fade out)

Because I am growing out my hair I want to help it by conditioning as much as possible.  So yesterday I slapped on the Reincarnation hair mask. Again – smells amazing! I had it on in the bath so slapped it on, combed it through and let the steam help keep it warm for about 30 minutes.  I have to say I was really impressed! It hasn’t felt this good in absolutely AGES!So if you are in the UK, have a decent sized Boots near you (use the website and get it delivered next day to your local one if it is teeny tiny like mine for free!) and have processed your hair to oblivion… this range is seriously worth it!  Now to decide what colour to go with next….


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