Darling Dolores!

One of Collectif’s most popular dress styles is the Dolores.  You can get it in the wiggle skirted version or with flared skirt (known as the Dolores Doll).  However, up until this week I had never actually owned one.  I don’t know what it was that put me off, I think mainly the buttons as I don’t like any extra attention drawn to my chest, but I finally bit the bullet when I was having a pink phase!

I absolutely hated pink as a child. Mainly because when I started at a new school, I was introduced to my new classmates and they all laughed that my surname matched my pink jacket! This horrific experience left me traumatised for years after and I threw one hell of a hissy fit when I was 12 and we were given pink exercise books for English at school!



Fortunately this time hads long since past, and vivid bright pinks are now a big favourite in my wardrobe! However, pale pastel pink have always been a bit of a clothing “fear” of mine. And when I first saw the Dolores in pale pink, I thought it was a bit too sweet and sugary for my tastes (odd considering the amount of cake I consume!), and as someone who wears a LOT of loud clothes, just didn’t think it would mesh with my clothing person, as it where. I’m too clumsy to get away with pretty and delicate so thought I would just feel awkward and uncomfortable – a bit like a little girl playing dress up. And so, after much umming and aaahing, adding to and removing from the shopping basket, I bit the bullet, told myself to pull it together and just buy the dress! And I have to say how glad I am that I did!

This is a perfect dress for wandering about in on a spring day.  It is a nice thick cotton so you don’t feel too cold and means it doesn’t crease too much! As someone who absolutely LOATHES ironing that is fantastic news!

Once I tried it on and had a few twirls (because you’ve got to right?!) I realised that it meant that I finally had something that would go perfectly with a £25 pair of Manolos I have had but not worn….


They do indeed have P on one foot and Q on the left.  Although I joke it’s to remind people to mind their P’s and Q’s, it’s actually because they were made for the PPQ A/W 2013 catwalk show! I love the point on the toe, the unusually cut vamp, the multicoloured badges sewn on, and the elasticated slingback which unusually for me doesn’t fall off every 2nd step I take!

12962688_830062148573_95270830_o (2)

Ironically, considering the whole O it’s too sweet worries that I had, I actually went a bit crazy and pulled on this lovely fluffy peach/pink cardigan from Primark.  This I bought a couple of years ago now, but whenever I wear it it feels like I’m getting a huge hug!  O, and why not overegg the pink pudding with my pink specs to go with the pink parts of my hit!  Makes complete sense right? In for a penny, in for a pound and all that!

The funny thing about this outfit was that I wore it out just to pop to the shops, get my nails done and generally run a few errands.  As it was Ladies Day at Aintree, the number of people who thought I was going there was amazing!  Even in the nail salon, which lead to the lovely owner saying “no, that’s how she always dresses!”

Do you have any clothing fears to overcome? Or tried something that you would never have pegged as your style and been pleasantly surprised?

More importantly, is there ever such a thing as too much colour, even pink?!!

P.S. Again I’m going to request that you like my entry for Miss Twinwood on Facebook – especially as it is another Collectif piece I am wearing in the photo (the Nina polka dot dress – new this season!) I am currently hovering about 30th with 10 votes between me and the mid twenties so every little helps!


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