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Rizzo or Sandy?!

A friend posted the title picture to this article on Facebook the other week and my automatic thought was…. I ALWAYS wanted to be Rizzo (but with Frenchies hair!) However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed a bit of a dislike of my stomach etc and so a lot of the time have veered towards more of a Sandy look.

Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing.  I love me a big skirt and colour in my wardrobe is always a must! But…I have recently felt a bit…bored of my self criticisms. I’m actually on a bit of a health kick, mainly because my clothes are getting too tight and I really want to buy more original vintage (seriously have you seen the waist sizes of the stuff from the 1950s on etsy and eBay?!!). I have done quite well so far, fitting into a dress I couldn’t have done a fortnight ago – trust me I tried and ended up in a spiral of self pity and loathing!

Anyway, as I was going to see “An evening of burlesque” (touring as we speak- go see it’s amaaaaazing!) with a whole gaggle of lovely ladies from the chair burlesque class that I go to I decided to embrace my inner Rizzo!


This dress is from Pin up girl clothing. I got it for the bargainous price of £40 off a lady who had worn it once and never again. To say this dress made me feel a bit naughty is an understatement! It sucks you in and does amazing things to your posture! I couldn’t have slumped if I wanted to (trust me I tried a couple of times!). I had some assistance with my What Katie Did corselette which is an amazing piece of shapewear. It is much firmer than spanx, and much more attractive to boot!

Apparently I looked a little “too” distracting for one of my friends!

A pair of seamed stockings, a pair of Manolos (one of my first ever pairs!) and a £2.50 handbag from one of my local charity shops and I was all set too wiggle my way through the night!

Today I was feeling a little bit deflated and down after such an amazing night so I had to treat myself to a gigantic ice cream sundae! Perfect for a more Sandy look! I brushed my curls out from the night before and swapped my black bow for a bright yellow headband to make my hair look intentionally ruffled as opposed to lazy beadhead!

2016-04-17 20.40.15

This dress is from & other stories. It was from their collaboration with Vika Gazinskaya and it’s been a wardrobe staple ever since! It went lovely with a white cardigan, the same £2.50 charity shop bag, and my beloved ASOS poppy heels (so beautiful they rereleased them!) I felt perfectly suited to the local ice cream (and waffle) parlour!

2016-04-17 20.41.31
I couldn’t stop staring at them while guzzling my ice cream!

I don’t know about you, but I find that clothes are particularly helpful in setting your mood. If I had gone with what my original plan was, and stayed inside in my joggers and t shirt, I’d have moped all day and feel even more miserable than I did to start with.

Instead I went for a little walk, got lots of smiles as I skipped along, and embraced both my inner Sandy (optimistic and cheerful) and Rizzo (confident and passionate)

Which side of the Grease fence do you feel you sit most of the time? Or do you flit depending on the day?!


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