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WWDD – Putting your best face forward…

The last week or so has been hard. Depression and PTSD is a tricky thing.  You think you are doing okay and then BAM! It hits again.You feel on edge.  Every little thing irritates you. And then the fear escalates.  Every person in the street is a threat.  Every noise makes you jump.  The adrenaline hits, you can’t breathe.  It feels like you’re about to die because your heart is going so fast that you don’t know what to do.

I’m gradually getting through this part of it which means trying to get out of the house again.  And looking “normal”.  Dita Von Teese in her beauty book says it takes her 20 minutes to put her face together. This basic one takes me about 10.  If I do eyeliner and a bit of extra makeup then it will take up to 30 minutes.

Anyway… here’s what I have to start with fresh out of the bath! I have fake tan on and my eyebrows are tinted and shaped every 8 weeks…


I’m not sure why, but my dark circles are a lot worse in person than they appear on here! Anyway, first things first is base! I just need to cover up my sallow and knackered looking skin!  I use a mix of 1 pump of skin define matte perfect foundation, 2 of skin define hydro foundation and a smidgeon (not sure how else to describe it!) of undress your skin in Oyster.  I used to us Mac face and body (which I still do for a night out and need heavier coverage) but Make Up Academy are my day to day favourite brand.  The fact that it is so cheap is also handy!


Then to cover my circles… the heavier stuff! Mac’s Studio finish concealer!  I got 2 different shades of these for covering bruises on my legs (I’m clumsy and bruise like a peach – a bad combination!) Over the top of this I put a bit more of the hydro foundation and blend in.


To set the makeup I powder on Mac Mineralize skinfinish natural powder. I keep trying other brands (particularly cheaper ones!) but I keep going back to it! No shimmer, a nice glow and it stays put all day!

Next, a bit of blusher.  Illamasqua created a velvet one in 2014 called peaked.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I don’t think that they make it anymore which is so annoying because it lasts for ages, goes on as a cream, dries as a powder, is the perfect shade and again doesn’t budge!  At the top of my cheekbones I apply a bit of highlighter to waken my face.


After all that effort all that is left is eyeshadow to open up my eyes.  Here, I’ve used Maybelline’s new blushed nudes palette.  A sweep of the lightest shade to below my eyebrow and inner corner, a golden pink to the rest of the eye area and a bronzey gold to the crease.  Add a sweep of mascara (again maybelline!), a pop of red lipstick (please Besame bring back a European distributor – the lipsticks are too expensive when you include shipping!)

And hopefully now I’m back to looking like a human.  And fingers crossed that Dita would be proud! What do you do to put your best face forward?


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