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Fabulous hat day!

I’m not a huge fan of social media, I sometimes think it makes more problems than necessary.  There is a constant pressure to be doing fun things, keeping in touch with all your previous work colleagues, uni people etc etc.  It’s exhausting!

However, it has lead to me making some amazing friends through the 1940s/50s Most Marvellous Meet ups group.  Two of them live incredibly close to me and so we see each other most weeks.  When  I first moved back up North from London I felt like a complete failure.  I had given up my career teaching and felt like I had let the evil scumbag who attacked me win.  And as hardly anyone I knew from here was still around I became a bit of a hermit.  A very lonely hermit with a fabulous wardrobe, but a hermit none the less!

One of my friends and I designated Friday “Fabulous hat day”.  The simple premise being… wear a fabulous hat! I was dithering between some of my large ones…


But the absolutely miserable weather kind of ruined that! It has been almost winter here the last few days and the wind was such that these would go flying. So I went with a Primark purchase…


Now, nothing is wrong with this hat… It’s just that it didn’t give me fabulous hat day vibes with this outfit! So obviously had to buy a new hat! Well technically old as it’s vintage but new to me!  I paired it with this 1960’s outfit that I got for the bargainous price of £44.99 off eBay!

The handbag is a purchase my mum made in TK Maxx a few years ago. Because she never used it she passed it on to me! Gotta love a free bag! The shoes are Manolos that I bought last Summer. The teal on the suede went really well as a colour match with the dress, the brown went with the bag, and the purple?  Well who doesn’t need a bit of purple in their life?!

After a quick look around the shops (looking, not buying!) it was time for the reason we had fabulous hat day! A belated birthday treat for my friend – afternoon tea! Which basically consisted of 2 of my favourite things – cake and cocktails! A very merry afternoon (as shown by the interesting faces pulled in the selfies – think that is the first and last time I will pull duck face!)


What this day taught me was that a) I have some amazing friends! and b) that everything is so much better in a hat!

Sometimes you just need a nice day to remind you of the important things! It’s funny to think that I didn’t even know this lady last summer and now?  She is an incredibly important part of my life.  Even when you are at your lowest ebb, something can happen to help you get back up again. And this beautiful birthday girl has certainly helped me with that….


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