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WWDD : Coach to 5K

I love cake. And ice cream. And chocolate. And cake.  Did I mention cake?!!

Unfortunately my waistline is not so much of a fan!  One of my closest friends is getting married in September and one of the things she wants to do for her hen do is Pretty Muddy.  As someone who is definitely not a runner this is going to need some preparation (and hopefully lose some inches in the process!)….

Coach to 5k is a plan set up to help you run 5k in 9 weeks. The last time I ran any distance was when I had to do the 1500m in year 13 at school for Sports Day. And that was only because I couldn’t get anyone else to run for my house (the curses of being house captain!).  The one thing that put me off starting running was looking like a sweaty mess after a short distance and getting laughed at by everyone going by!


Eureka! My parents exercise a lot. They have personal training sessions twice a week and so have pretty much their own gym in the house! Including a treadmill! And so, with the powers of google I found a running plan for this.  As Dita swears by looking good as you exercise I have this fabulous outfit for my running…

The t shirt and shorts are both from Primark and together came to a grand total of £8! Bargain! The money needed spending on a sports bra and trainers.  I’m wearing a shock absorber bra.  I normally wear a 32E but as this bra has a tight band I went for the sister size of 34DD. It holds everything in place which is very handy!  The trainers are Nike, bought at a vastly reduced price at at the beginning of the year. Because if you’re exercising then you might as well have fun colours!


Having survived my first run (just!) I’m going to follow the plan of running 3 times a week.  Eventually I will start running in public (when I know I won’t collapse in a heap halfway before home!) Hopefully along with the dance classes that I do I’ll end up a lean, mean, cake eating machine! I’ll keep track on here each week to see how it goes!


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