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O I do like to be beside the seaside…

I am really lucky living where I do.  The beach is about 100 meters from my front door.  When I lived in London one of the biggest shocks (besides going straight out after work without changing etc first!) was what on earth to wear during the Summer?  Tiny shorts and bikinis didn’t really fit in with the surroundings! And as I was a science teacher I needed clothes that would cover up (working in an all boys school meant that all women under 40 were automatically considered hot haha) but stay cool when the bunsen burners were going!

And so I became obsessed with beach pyjamas.  I wish I could find an original set but so far no good!

Now obviously, these are a little too risque for work but I ended up embracing the wide leg trousers part of it.  And still do! Now I don’t teach I don’t have to worry about having too much on display but they are just so easy to lounge about in!  And I can wear a vest top without worrying that my chest is too prominent! YAAAAAAY!

Ignore the “interesting” faces I’m pulling – having my mother take pictures of me makes me really uncomfortable.  Disturbingly, these are the best of a bad bunch! However, it does show the clothes! These trousers are a sale purchase from Oasis last Summer.  The weird thing is that the zip goes up the back.  It gives a bit of emphasis to the bum though which is good!  I love the way they are fitted from waist to hips before dropping down into a wide leg.  Mainly because they stop making me look a few sizes bigger than I actually am!  As an hourglass (12 inch difference between waist and hips/chest) I’ve got to be careful with fit.  By wearing a fitted top with it (also from Oasis) I don’t feel like a whale!  And shockingly…. flats! After all I’m meant to be relaxing by the beach! These pumps are from Primark and are really comfy! I love the pattern cut into the shoe and the scalloping around the edge make them look a lot more expensive than they actually are!

I’m currently trying to slim down and get fit in time to run Pretty Muddy (like tough mudder but for race for life) at my friends hen do in July so as an incentive I have ordered my ideal beach pyjama jumpsuit in a 10 .  The plan is to actually fit into it in the next few months! It’s the Ambleside Jumpsuit from Hell Bunny.  If you shop with tiger milly on Ebay they do 5% off if you buy a second item (Here’s hoping it’ll be featured here soon!)



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