Stopping shopping

Green fingers!

“All my hurts my garden spade can heal.”

I love this quote.  Mainly because if I’m in a bad mood I repeatedly stab the ground with a spade! And it really does help cheer me up!

As we have had some really nice weather here for the last few days I decided a day of gardening was in order.  I like to incorporate a bit of a rockabilly look into a day of graft up there as the clothes are easy to wash the dirt out of! And any opportunity to get some sun on my legs!

Because every gardener deserves a twister ice lolly right?!


These denim shorts are from a Marks and Spencers outlet shop.  The ice cream colours really appealed to me – more appealing in spring/summer than blue!  I also have these in lilac I love them that much! I paired it with a striped top from H+M and because I can’t wear heels (god knows I tried!) so cheap pumps it is. Thanks Primark!  I’m trying to be nice to my hair at the moment after over processing it the other day when trying to migrate from pink to blue (yes it is purple. I gave up before I caused too much damage!) So I rolled and clipped back the fringe, slicked the rest of my hair back with oil and slapped in a Primark headband!

And to ensure I didn’t end up with a sunburned neck….


Any excuse for a hat!


Not much is growing at the moment except the weeds but I think it’s looking pretty good. And the shed is a big source of pride as it was painted by yours truly!

What a pretty shed! 😀

What do you all do to relax on a sunny day off?!


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