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WWDD: Couch to 5K week one

Well I survived! A whole week of running! Well mainly walking but running too!  And it wasn’t as painful as I expected. I even was motivated enough to do an extra run yesterday!

I seriously doubt that I am ever going to love running but if I can survive my friend’s hen  do in July without too much embarrassment then I will be very happy! And a definite bonus is that I can already see inches going….

I’m photographing myself the same distance (4 trainer steps back) etc from the mirror each week to make it fair and so I can’t decieve myself.  The shorts and tshirt are getting looser which is nice to see.  I think it is more obvious when I do a side on picture…

The reason I can see myself sticking to this is that it doesn’t involve too much effort to start (I mean I have a treadmill within feet of my bed so no excuses really!), each time I run I know it isn’t long until I have to stop and walk again, and I can rip my tshirt off when I’m too hot and jog in my sports bra (I would definitely not do that in public hahaha).

Seriously, do people actually enjoy running?!!

Mentally it has had a real effect too.  I HATE people who tell me to exercise to improve my depression and anxiety.  I know it will but it is so damn hard to pull myself out of bed some days.  On those days having a bath is considered a success in my book. However, yes it has made me feel better.  It helps get rid of my adrenaline and reduce the anxiety.

Another bonus is that my skin is getting a boost!  I think its a combination of getting my blood pumping and drinking a litre of water while I’m exercising!

The negative of this program is that they make out that you just need to do a 5 minute walk to warm up and again to cool down.  Trust me, that leads to some very painful walking the next day! So I now spend 15 minutes doing some yoga to warm up my body and 15 minutes of stretches at the end.  It has helped deal with any aches and pains.

My plan in week 2 is to increase my speed from 10km/h to 12km/h during the running sections and from 4km/h to 6klm/h during the walking sections while also following the new timings this week.  Here’s hoping I will see a difference!


2 thoughts on “WWDD: Couch to 5K week one

    1. I’m not a runner either. But needs must! And it has had the useful side effect of being more flexible! Must be all the stretching! Turns out there’s some really nice colourful trainers too (if you’ve got to do it, do it in style right?!)


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