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Flying into Summer!

I’m still in shock that it has been sunny for so many consecutive days!  I’m almost forgetting what it’s like to pull on 15 layers of clothing to get warm!

This morning looked at first like my luck had run out. My bed looks up to a skylight and it was looking awfully cloudy to start with. So I did what any good shoe addict did and picked out my favourite summer heels to make the weather cheer up!


These Manolo’s are one of my favourite shoes of all time.  I know that I have jazzier, more interesting pairs but these alwaus make me smile. I think it’s the colour.

My house colour at secondary school was yellow. For those who don’t know what I mean think of Gryffindor etc in Harry Potter. Just like that, except we didn’t do magic and all mixed together most of the time. O and no life threatening adventures…. anyway back to the point! I was elected house captain in my final year of school so I wore a LOT of yellow. For the weekly assembly,  any competitions, rehearsals for competitions… and I was never tired of it!

2016-05-17 00.04.21

So I then needed an outfit to work with these babies! Lindybop January sale purchases to the rescue! This dress is on of their popular Ophelias. I would normally have seen it and gone “nope too dark and subdued…next!” But I knew I liked the fit of these, it was insanely cheap (£7.99 if I recall correctly) and the little yellow birds!  So although I looked summery in the feet the dress made it work for whatever random weather through at me.

I know that fashion wise it’s all about “athleisure” at the moment but I just don’t get it. It seems like so much effort for an outfit! Personally,  I love dresses like this because you pull it on and you’re done!

Oh, and it gave me an excuse to take out my original late 1950s woven bag out with me! I love the quirky shape of it and the fact it is deceptively spacious inside. That it only cost £2.50 in a local charity shop only sweetened the deal!

The highly exciting purpose of this outfit? To go across the road to my local supermarket to buy the food for this….


Definitely a casual moment! This is one of my favourite breakfasts – smoked salmon and scrambled eggs served with buttered toast and chopped avocado. Washed down with fresh apple and elderflower juice. And I would like to say that I loved this before it became trendy and will love it when it falls out of style!


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