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WWDD: Couch to 5K week 2

c751bcb65112d6464c1348322e06fa30Well another week is over and I’m still running! Amazing I know!

Am I still hating it? Yes! You know those people who say you get an endorphin rush and then it’s all worth it? LIARS! Every single one of them! My pace when running is dictated by me going “I hate running, I hate running.” repeatedly. But my need to succeed at the race for life is a powerful incentive!

However the results are showing. When I’m getting dressed I now can see much better definition in my thighs.  And all my dimples have gone off them and my bum! Yay!

An added bonus? All the warm up and cool down stretches has lead to increased flexibility.  So much so that I can now touch my head to to floor when doing a split leg stretch…

My next aim is to get my chest touching the floor and to have a straighter back.

Something else that has happened is that I’m eating healthier.  Instead of my diet consisting mainly of cake, I’m eating more salads, protein etc.  Breakfast instead of a cream egg is either yoghurt and a banana or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with toast and avocado.  Dinner has been things like spiralized veg with chilli and garlic prawns, chicken fajitas with corn on the cob and lime and coriander rice.  All delicious!

The next week will involve longer runs. I’ve realised that it makes sense to keep going by having my walking pace as 3.1 mph (5Kph) and running speed at 6.2 mph (10Kph). Here’s hoping the health kick will keep having these positive affects! Especially as I now have ordered some smaller dress sizes to fit into over the next few weeks!


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