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My big fat greek dinner!

Alas no Couch to 5k this week – I have injured my knee so no running at the moment 😦

However one thing I am still enjoying is…. eating! One of my favourite types of food is Greek, particularly tahini dip! I could probably spend the rest of my life happily drinking it!  Lazaros is one of 3 restaurants on the Wirral.  It feels like they have been around forever and I used to spend waaaaay too much time there stuffing my face (back in my young and foolish university days when I wouldn’t put on weight!)


Now more importantly… the clothes! As I decided that 2 weeks of brown hair was enough I stripped it using colour before to make it more like a peacock by adding tropical aqua from colour freedom.  I happened to also have a dress in a similar colour from Collectif – the Mimi doll! This was a surprise dress to me.  I was more interested in some other pieces that I had bought and added this on impulse.  The piping on the neckline is lovely and the colour just pops! The full skirt covered a multitude of sins!


The print of the dress is so lovely that I had to incorporate it into my nails! Kuku are a really talented bunch of ladies who do all their work freehand.  Basically if there is anything you want on your nails then they can do it!


All in all it was a lovely evening! And although the staff thought we were all off out to dance the night away….we were all tucked up in our respective beds by 11pm! Perfect!


One thought on “My big fat greek dinner!

  1. Mmmm, my grandad the other foodie in the family and loves Greek food. I must say it’s a wonderful mix of middle eastern and European and North African styles of cuisines, and always reminds me of long sunny evenings on the beach, and midnight dips in the med. I love the way that smells, tastes can transport oneself to a faraway place.


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